Fri. Feb 28th, 2020


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Africans Creates Dashing Sunglasses Using Waste Materials

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Source: TrendHunter

Ballo which is a Cape Town-based company established in the year 2013. develops high-quality closed loop unisex sunglasses from upcycled waste. The s glasses are made from the offcuts of close-by businesses such as wood, cork, hemp, recycled paper, and fabric.

The establishment is committed to supporting a circular economy by using waste materials from other industries. Ballo, the company is committed to putting the planet before profit.  And is striving for a zero waste production process, reusing all discarded material it produces to create flower pots, laptop stands, and earrings.

In fact, Ballo prefers to use local talent over automated machinery in an effort to increase employment rates in the country, South Africa. All these unique and sustainable sunglasses are available online in a variety of styles with international shipping.


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