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63 Killed And More Than 100 Injured In A Suicide Bomb Attack In Kabul

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63 killed in kabul

Sad News: More than 63 people were killed and around 182 were injured in a suicide bomb attack at a wedding reception on Saturday night, August 17, in Kabul, Afghanistan.

63 Killed And Many More Injured In Kabul

Afgan official Nasrat Rahimi stated that the victims primarily involved women and children. And the injured was taken to near hospital in Kabul. It is estimated around 20 people were taken to a Kabul hospital by the Italian NGO Emergency.

63 Killed And More Than 100 Injured In A Suicide Bomb Attack In Kabul
(Source: RFE/RL)

One person who witnessed the whole situation said that we were about to sleep when we heard the explosion.

In addition, people of the particular area added ” When we came out to see, we saw smoking coming out of the hall. There were many dead souls and wounded people.when were being taken to the hospital by the cops.

It is still unclear as none of the rebel groups has confirmed their hand for the attack. However, proper investigation is going on.

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